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We protect your home or business with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and customer care.

Hello, my name is Kerry Jones and I’m co-founder of Professional Surveillance Management (PSM) Ltd.

Having worked with installers and customers in the security industry for more than 20 years and having identified a gap in the market for exclusive and personal monitoring services, I co-founded PSM.

We can stop criminals in their tracks and prevent a crime before it takes place using our intelligent remote monitoring services.

When a potential intruder breaches a restricted area at our client’s premises (by triggering motion sensors), an immediate alarm containing CCTV images is transmitted to our NSI Gold fully accredited 24 hour Remote Video Receiving Centre (RVRC) based in the North West, UK.

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Trained operators visually verify the cause of alarm then they take necessary and immediate action – including issuing audio warnings – to deter potential criminals, tell them they are being monitored and warn them that the emergency services are on their way.


To set new standards for the Remote Monitoring Industry by providing superior quality CCTV security services that will constantly exceed our client’s expectations, using innovative, in-house developed technology and a group of handpicked exceptional people.


Residential CCTV Monitoring

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Commercial CCTV Monitoring

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Our Service to CCTV Installers

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24/7 CCTV Monitoring Services


How Does CCTV Remote Monitoring work?


Clients Guide to CCTV Remote Monitoring

cctv monitoring detecting intruder breaking into house


Our experienced control room operatives immediately detect intruders on your premises by using the very latest detection technology.
residential break in cctv monitoring
detect intruder cctv monitoring


We issue audio challenges to intruders to warn them that they are on private property and must leave immediately. Audio challenges are successful in 95% of cases.
cctv monitoring police response
cctv monitoring


We report all incidents to the police in real time, meaning that they can respond without delay.

CCTV Monitoring Benefits

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Save money

Remote monitoring can save your home or business thousands of pounds in potential losses due to theft, criminal damage and fire.

Peace of mind

Get complete peace of mind in your home or business with our 24/7 CCTV Monitoring service from a team who care for your safety and protection.

Tailored system to suit you

PSM understands that customers have individual needs so we tailor each system to meet specific requirements.
PSM Icon inhouse software

In-house software

Our entire operation – including alarm receiving software – is controlled, created and developed in-house. This allows true bespoke and personal monitoring.

Monitoring specialists

We have developed specialist software to improve the intelligence of remote monitoring and commissioning.
PSM-Icons maintenance and support

Support and care

We provide 24/7 telephone support and continual customer care and maintenance with same day response.

No automated service

When you call for support you will speak to an experienced and qualified remote monitoring operator who will help you resolve your issue, not an automated message or answering machine. 97% of all calls are answered within 3 rings.

No premium lines

Any caller to our centre will not incur unnecessary bills as you will only be charged local rates.

No automated reports

We don’t churn out meaningless standard reports. We produce specific and relevant fault reports without any jargon.

Our CCTV Monitoring Services

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Residential CCTV Monitoring

We significantly improve the level of security for your family, home, vehicles and valuables, liaising closely with the emergency services.
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Commercial CCTV Monitoring

We proactively protect your business, property and stock with 24/7 CCTV remote monitoring that can prevent criminal activity before it happens.
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Installer CCTV Monitoring Services

We work together with installers to help resolve challenging customer requirements whilst providing new business opportunities. We succeed as a team.


Book a FREE 30 day monitoring trial with our expert team who will actively monitor and regulate your most problematic site.

Personal Touch

We care for your individual needs with our tailored CCTV monitoring solutions.

I wanted to create a new company to fulfil the needs of high profile, high net worth individuals and business owners who prefer personal service from a team who really care.

We are here for those clients who do not want to be just a number on a screen and for those who want to build a long-term relationship with their security provider, taking comfort in our drive for perfection in all that we do.

Exclusive CCTV Monitoring

Our committed team’s combined expertise delivers results for you or your business.

I realised that our collective skills, knowledge, industry contacts and strong reputation created an opportunity to build a successful surveillance management business. After a successful five years, this has proved to be the case.

It takes years of practice and knowledge to create true expertise. Our USP is undoubtedly our team of industry leading operators and administrative support who like us have on average 20-25 years experience in surveillance management.

Our co-founder, managers and senior operators have worked together as a team for almost two decades. You should expect – and will not get anything less than – industry leading results.


The effort we put into taking care of our customers has produced the highest levels of customer retention.


We have a 100% success rate in securing a contract at the end of a free trial.


We continue to achieve a 100% success rate in identifying and responding to criminal attacks.

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Book a FREE 30 day monitoring trial with our expert team who will actively monitor and regulate your most problematic site.

  • Simple set up and dial-in to site

  • Full system health check

  • Remote fault finding

  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring

  • Proactive alarm handling

  • Jargon free fault reporting

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