A client’s guide to
remote monitoring

PSM’s step-by-step process for connecting your site to our CCTV remote monitoring station.

Setting up a remote monitoring service to your home or business may seem like a daunting task, however Kerry has developed a simple and stress-free connection process. Our team will be available throughout the process to assist with any queries you may have.


Choose a CCTV design and installation company

We focus on remote monitoring services and use expert installation partners to design and install CCTV systems. We understand exactly what customers require from an installation service and have built strong and long-lasting relationships with our CCTV installers over many years.

Choosing the right installer for you is imperative to achieve an effective security solution.

“I already have my own installer”

That’s great – we’ll work with any company you appoint. Please introduce us to them so we can ensure that we’re all working to the same plan. We will work together with them as a team to collectively deliver the best service to you.

“I do not have CCTV, can you help?”

Yes of course. We can introduce you to one or several installers who will provide a quote for design, installation and aftercare. We only recommend appropriately qualified and experienced installers that will deliver a reliable and effective service. We do not ask for referral fees. Our priority is that you receive the best service.

If you would like an impartial review of a proposal that you’ve received from any installers then do not hesitate to ask Kerry.


Decide on a system design that is right for you

It is important that the system is designed to suit your requirements. Any reputable installer will advise you of the different options available (including pros and cons) to enable you to make an informed decision.

“What equipment will I need?”

A standard remote monitoring system consists of:
  • Network Video Recorder (NVR) is the heart of your CCTV system. It records images from your CCTV cameras and transmits images from your property to our control room.

We work with all the main NVR manufacturers.

  • CCTV cameras are strategically positioned around your property to cover all areas as needed.
  • Motion detection is used to detect an intruder at your property. Your installer (with input from us) will advise on the best form of detection to use for your property.
  • Audio speakers are used to deliver loud verbal warnings to the intruder.
  • Your internet connection is used to transmit CCTV images from your property to our 24-hour monitoring station. The speed of your broadband determines the upload rate for the CCTV images. A fast broadband speed, enables rapid camera switching and ensures that alarms are handled quickly and efficiently. A slow broadband speed makes effective alarm handling really difficult. If the speed is very low, CCTV images from your property may not be fully transmitted to us. However, these days, provision of sufficiently fast broadband is usually not a problem. A static IP address or Domain Name System is essential for ensuring a strong and established connection, again this is easy to have put in place. For further clarification please speak to Kerry or your installer.
  • 4G back up router. You may wish to consider a back up system. If your broadband fails or is sabotaged, a 4G router will continue to communicate with our monitoring station.

“I already have CCTV Cameras”

That’s great. Your nominated installer and our team will work with as much of your existing equipment as possible.

“What is the difference between tailored monitoring and 24-hour monitoring?”

24-hour monitoring is where we provide manned operator response to detection alerts 24-hours a day. This service is charged at a premium rate.

Tailored monitoring is where we provide manned operator response to detection alerts during specified times. We create a profile of your requirements and build our monitoring service to fit. For example, we learn housekeeper, gardener and window cleaner routines as well as your own.

Tailored remote monitoring must be set and unset by some method, for example via keyfob, keypad, app or timer (see below for more information).

Tailored monitoring is flexible and ad-hoc 24-hour monitoring is provided when the property is vacant (for example when on holiday or if you are closed).

24-hour monitoring is where we provide manned operator response to detection alerts 24-hours a day.

“How do I set and unset the system”

Your CCTV must be set and unset by some method. As with a traditional intruder alarm, you switch it on when you need security and off when you do not.
There are a number of ways you can do this.
  • Via an intruder alarm panel. It may be possible to wire the CCTV system through the intruder alarm panel (and set them both at the same time).
  • Via a smartphone application. Typically, this may be the same application you use to view your CCTV cameras.
  • Via a keyfob. A standard keyfob is usually kept on a keyring .
  • Via a scheduled timer. It is possible to set and unset using a timer.

It is important that general household alarms are kept to a minimum for remote monitoring to be effective. The more demanding a CCTV monitored system is the less secure it becomes.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the system design and solution is right for you.


Setting up a remote monitoring account

Understanding your requirements is essential for us to deliver an effective monitoring service. To help us achieve this, we gather information from you using ‘fact finding’ forms. We will pre-fill much of the documentation on your behalf, so it is ready for your review and approval. These consist of two main documents:

  • Monitoring Service Agreement which details the terms of our arrangement including our fees and your rights.
  • Course of Action Form which defines our operating principles and details your emergency contacts and passwords. It also offers service options to ensure our service is personalised to you.

The relevant documentation and information must be in place ready for commissioning.


Installation and commissioning

Once you have chosen a solution that’s right for you, your installer will agree an installation and commissioning date. We’ll work with them to configure and fully ‘walk test’ the system during which we’ll view the engineer on each camera and check that the alarm is transmitted and received successfully, whilst checking that audio warnings can be clearly heard.

Following this a soak test will be carried out for approximately one week to help identify issues that could be detrimental to overall security i.e. a high volume of wildlife alarms, environmental issues, pedestrian short cuts etc. These alarms are transmitted to an unmanned terminal before monitoring commences; therefore, police and emergency contacts will not be contacted for incidents.

We’ll evaluate the system’s performance and report any challenges to you e.g. excessive activity, poor camera views or inadequate lighting. We’ll provide advice and support where necessary to help and resolve issues.

We use this time to build up a picture of your unique requirements and tailor a monitoring solution for you.

Monitoring will only start when the system has passed all relevant checks and is working at optimum efficiency for your protection needs.


Remote monitoring can commence!

After a successful soak test period remote monitoring will commence! We’ll send you a welcome email containing important information as well as our 24 hour manned telephone number and email address.

During the settling in period, we’ll evaluate the performance of your system and assess the alarms being generated to ensure that we have correctly interpreted your requirements. With the data we collect we’ll provide you with a ‘First System Report’ to make sure that you’re fully aware of how the system works, including any recommendations we may have.

Our support doesn’t stop here. We’ll keep a constant eye on system performance and provide improvement recommendations to you. We’ll also make regular courtesy calls to ensure that you’re satisfied and that your requirements are met.

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