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Professional Surveillance Management.

Professional Surveillance Management was co-founded by Kerry Jones and Andy Saile because we wanted to create a new company to meet the needs of high profile / high net worth individuals and business owners who want the personal service from a team who really care.

The team have many years’ experience working in a remote monitoring station. We use our collective experience and understanding of the industry to provide our customers and installers with a unique and superior service. We have worked together as a team for almost two decades. You should expect – and will not get anything less than – industry leading results.

Read our full story, from simple beginnings to a fully secure remote CCTV control room facility.


Make PSM the premium brand CCTV monitoring specialist organisation.

The Team

Our most valuable USP is our team of fantastic employees.

From technical development, CCTV Operators, administration and customer support, our entire team work day and night to carry out their critical role, protecting our client’s properties, supporting law and order and reducing demand on police resources. It’s true, not all superheroes wear capes!

Our success is totally down to the quality of our team. They are not only skilled, experienced and loyal, they really do care. A testament to their work ethics is their impressive attendance record. With just 4 sick days collectively in 12 months, such statistics are unprecedented in our industry.

We felt extremely lucky when they accepted our offer of employment and chose Professional Surveillance Management. Using the strength of each individual has ensured they each have their own unique and key role in the business, making a powerful and formidable team.

Why hire chess masters and play the pieces yourself?

Andrew Knox - Professional Surveillance Management

Andrew Knox

Operations Director



Joe Starkie

Control Room Support Officer


Darren Burgess - Professional Surveillance Management

Darren Burgess

Customer Service Manager


Alun Stocks - Technical Manager at PSM

Alun Stocks

Technical Manager


Kelsey Turton - Professional Surveillance Management

Kelsey Turton

Administration Assistant



Josh Harrison

Control Room Operator


Andrew Wainwright - Professional Surveillance Management

Andrew Wainwright

Control Room Operator


Alun Davies - Professional Surveillance Management

Alun Davies

Control Room Operator


Paula Norris - Professional Surveillance Management

Paula Norris

Business Manager


Glyn Morgan - PSM CCTV Monitoring Operator

Glyn Morgan

Control Room Operator


Bernadette Burns - Professional Surveillance Management

Bernadette Burns

Control Room Operator



Damian Walsh

Control Room Operator


Dale Fowler - Professional Surveillance Management

Dale Fowler

Control Room Operator



Emma Stockley

Control Room Operator


Keith Waterworth - Professional Surveillance Management

Keith Waterworth

Control Room Operator


Ste Donoghue - PSM Marketing Consultant

Ste Donoghue

Marketing Consultant


Kerry Jones - Professional Surveillance Management

Meet Kerry Jones



During 18 years, I worked in every department within a CCTV remote monitoring control room and redeveloped its processes to improve customer service and streamline its operations. During this time, I gained 7 high level NVQs plus a Diploma in Business Administration. Two decades in the security industry has given me extensive knowledge and understanding. I am fortunate to have worked with many high profile business associates and security experts around the world. As a result, I have developed the skills required to own and operate a high quality customer focused security business.


How would you describe yourself?

Passionate to achieve excellence.


What is your favourite saying?

“The body achieves what the mind believes”


What in your view is the most important aspect of Professional Surveillance Management?

Our amazing team of dedicated staff who are devoted to service.


More about Kerry

Kerry lives in Warrington with her partner Mark, three step children and beloved cat Tallulah-Bear. She is wholly dedicated to a health and fitness lifestyle. A history of competing in diverse competitions that include endurance, speed and strength events, she is also a qualified fitness instructor. She has previously won national fitness competition titles such as “Miss Galaxy Universe Fitness Champion”, which shows her motivation, dedication, persistence, self-belief and drive to reach goals.


WE ARE HERE for clients…

…who wish to build long term relationships with their security providers.

residential cctv monitoring

WE ARE HERE for home owners…

…who rely on a highly responsive, experienced team monitoring their property 24/7 and are ready to act immediately potential threat is identified.


WE ARE HERE for businesses…

…who do not want to be a number on a screen and one of thousands of customers going through to a call centre monitoring station.

cctv monitoring - installer service

WE ARE HERE for installers…

…who want to feel supported rather than blamed when clients have queries.

Our Services

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Residential CCTV Monitoring

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Commercial CCTV Monitoring

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Installer CCTV Monitoring Services


No Contract | No Ties

Book a FREE 30 day monitoring trial with our expert team who will actively monitor and regulate your most problematic site.

  • Simple set up and dial-in to site

  • Full system health check

  • Remote fault finding

  • 24/7 CCTV monitoring

  • Proactive alarm handling

  • Jargon free fault reporting

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