Car theft rose from 48,493 incidents in 2021 to 61,106 in 2022*. With the rising threat of theft and criminal damage, see how PSM can help improve your car dealership security.

Source: This is Money

Car dealership security - CCTV Monitoring Operator

Car Dealership Security - CCTV Monitoring

Car lots and dealerships can present various CCTV monitoring challenges because of their open architecture, large outdoor spaces with less clearly defined perimeter boundaries, and vast quantities of high value stock. There are also the constant comings-and-goings of customers, staff, valets, and cleaners to consider. The relative ease of access and sheer volume of traffic can complicate the issue of keeping out criminals and ensuring sites are protected and secure.

“No matter how extensive your safety measures might be, they’re only effective if your provider is responsive.”

Car Dealership Security Threats

These sites are particularly vulnerable to the exploits of vandals and thieves. From the premeditated petrol bombing of cars and stealing of catalytic converters to the opportunistic theft of money and personal effects left inside the boots and glove compartments of unlocked or otherwise insecure vehicles – car dealership owners certainly have no shortage of reasons to be concerned for their property’s security.

Car Dealership Security - Petrol Bombing Issues

Petrol bombing of cars

Car thief braking into car

Vehicle break-ins

Car Dealership Security - Catalytic Converter Theft

Catalytic converter theft

Catalytic converter theft

It’s not unheard of for arsonists to strike the same premises multiple times. And even more alarming, almost 100,000 thefts of catalytic converters have been recorded in three years, with criminals across the UK stealing 75 per day in 2022, new data obtained by Sky News reveals.

Source: Sky News

This is due in no small measure to the rising price of the precious metals that they contain.

Car Dealership Security - Catalytic Converter Theft
Almost 100,000 thefts of catalytic converters have been recorded in three years

How PSM Can Help Secure Your Site

PSM can help you surmount these challenges. We work closely with trusted installers to set the foundations that will make your CCTV monitored car dealership as secure as possible.

By combining cameras, motion detection beams, line crossing, audio deterrents, and made-to-measure intrusion zones, we create impervious barriers in and around your property, proven time and again to be most effective in preventing criminal activity from occurring—and if it does, you can be sure that the perpetrators will be caught on camera; we’ll inform the police at once, and you’ll hear from us post-haste.

Effective CCTV Monitoring for Your Car Dealership

Intrusion zones are used to provide coverage to wider areas, while line crossing and motion beams cover the perimeter, fence lines, and any narrow or irregular spaces.

Live and recorded footage is transmitted from associated cameras to our operators as soon as motion detectors are triggered. We review the images in real time while issuing live and pre-recorded audio warnings to any unauthorised persons and reporting the activity to yourself and the authorities. For added security, fire and temperature detection can be installed: you might consider this option if you’re concerned about arson or the hazards posed by areas with lots of flammable materials or specialised machinery.

A Communicative Team with an Immediate Response to Activity

No matter how extensive your safety measures might be, they’re only effective if your provider is responsive. We understand that CCTV monitoring works best when the user, monitoring company, and installer keep their channels open and discuss any changes or problems. Whatever the systems installed at your dealership, you can expect PSM to keep you informed of any malfunctions or maintenance requirements with daily reports—and our conscientiousness doesn’t end there.


Car alarms going off in the middle of the night? Gates left unchained at the end of the day? Office windows left open and workshop shutters only half-closed?


Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Benefits of Choosing PSM to Monitor Your Car Dealership

By choosing us to monitor your dealership, you can expect:

Comprehensive motion detection

Motion detectors and associated CCTV cameras are set up around site, the former of which activate in response to movement. This can also include perimeter detection of the sites boundaries.

Fire and temperature detection

Fire and temperature detectors are installed around site in hazardous or high-risk areas that work in tandem with associated CCTV cameras.

Regular reports and updates

We’ll provide informative, jargon-free reports and updates on your system’s status and effectiveness.

Live and pre-recorded audio deterrents

In the event of criminal activity, operators issue live and pre-recorded audio warnings to deter the perpetrators whilst notifying the police and keyholders.

Immediate CCTV control room response

Unparalleled response time from a team of people who really care, preventing criminal incidents before they develop and reporting them as soon as they occur.
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