Theft and vandalism cost the UK construction industry an estimated £800 million a year. Improve your construction site security with 24/7 CCTV Monitoring.

Construction Site Security CCTV Monitoring

Construction Site Security - CCTV Monitoring

Construction sites are integral to infrastructure; they are a fundamental component of industry, and they contribute to economic growth. In order to sustain itself, a modern society requires houses, schools, hospitals, youth and sports centres, private and public facilities, services and commodities of all kinds, none of which could be built and produced without construction sites. Their importance is without question, and it follows that they should be well protected with efficient construction site security.

Construction sites utilise expensive industrial machinery and high-value equipment, and the requisite materials for structural development are often costly and stockpiled. The potential for large-scale theft is an unfortunate by-product of such sites and their operational requirements.

Theft And Vandalism

Theft and vandalism cost the UK construction industry an estimated £800 million a year. Another concern is the recovery rate of stolen construction plant vehicles: a meagre 10%. Additional expenses are also incurred by work delays and damage repairs.

The estimated yearly cost to the construction industry.

Construction Crime Rate Increases Since Lockdown

The Construction Equipment Association (CEA) has reported a 50% increase in construction site crime rates since the national lockdown was enforced in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The statistics suggest that opportunists and thieves are profiting from unstaffed sites across the country.

Increase in construction site crime rates since the national lockdown enforcement (COVID-19).

Environmental Disruptions

Aside from criminal activity, construction sites are vulnerable to environmental disruptions such as floods and storms, the former of which pose a particular threat to human health and wellbeing (flood water can contain harmful contaminants, chemicals and sewage). As a matter of course, any contaminated materials must be cleaned and disinfected or otherwise disposed of, resulting in further expenditures.

Limited Site Perimeter Security

Construction sites typically experience high amounts of traffic caused by ingoing and outgoing staff and vehicles, which poses certain security challenges, and while construction site perimeters are usually equipped with a basic line of defence in the form of temporary fences built to prevent accidents, these are usually not enough to deter intruders. Security personnel may be assigned to guard the various entrances and exits from unauthorised individuals, though at an added cost.

What Advantages Does CCTV Monitoring Offer To Construction Sites?

As well as being the perfect supplement to existing on site security measures, PSM’s CCTV monitoring service offers a resolute and cost-effective alternative. Our dedicated operators respond immediately to any activity, investigating and preventing any compromises to security in real-time and reacting before potential threats have the chance to develop.

How It Works


Motion detection sensors installed on site

Motion detectors and associated CCTV cameras are set up around site, the former of which activate in response to movement.

Motion detection beams installed for extra security

In locations where individual detectors may be impractical, such as along site perimeters, motion detection beams are installed.

CCTV cameras transmit footage to control room

When the detection systems are triggered, CCTV cameras transmit live and recorded footage to the PSM control room.

Immediate CCTV control room response

PSM’s operators review the images to identify the nature of the activity.

Audio warnings are issued to deter trespassers

In the event of criminal activity, operators issue live and pre-recorded audio warnings to deter the perpetrators whilst notifying the police and keyholders.

Construction Site Security And CCTV Monitoring Benefits

  • 24/7 support from a team of highly trained security professionals monitoring your construction site facility
  • Audio warnings that deter intruders from entering the site
  • Secure external site areas against potential intruders and break ins
  • Control staff and visitor access to the site
  • Protect buildings and staff from the risk of fire
  • Protect against potential environmental threats before they occur
  • Receive potential reduction on insurance premium costs
  • Ensure health and safety legislation compliance
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