How the Grinch nearly stole Christmas

In a town all aglow with warm Christmas cheer,

lived a Grinch who was greedy and ready to steal all they hold dear.

He’d sneak and snoop and slink around homes,

pinching and pilfering as he stealthily roams.

Dressed and disguised in Santa’s red suit,

with not a care in the world as he collected his loot.

But what the Grinch didn’t realise, one Christmassy evening,

is that he picked the wrong home for his troublesome scheming.

Down the chimney he went, eyes lit up by presents he found.

What he didn’t expect, though, was a deafening sound.

The PSM elves had caught him red-handed,

and he scurried away just like they demanded.

But in true Grinchy fashion, summoning all of his pluck,

he snuck, and he ducked, and once more tried his luck.

He tried to take off with a shiny new ride,

but for the mean old Grinch, there was nowhere to hide.

Still refusing to give up and admit defeat,

Mr Grinch crashed a party in search of a treat.

When that plan fell through, with the elves’ warning on cue…

the Grinch saw something far better in view…

To his ghastly, greedy, gleeful delight,

there stood the town’s tree with its glittering lights!

What better way to sow gloom and negativity,

than by stealing their Christmas tree to end the festivity!?

Luckily for the townsfolk, the elves never miss a beat…

and they called the police to turn up the heat.

The Grinch, now caught, with his head hanging in shame,

finally began to see the flaw in his game.

After all that plotting and mean conniving, all the Grinch really wanted was to be part of the town, joyful and thriving.

And once he got down on his knees to plead, he asked to join them, and the townsfolk agreed.

The End.