Will the bad guys ever learn?

Will the bad guys ever learn? Intruders foiled once again by PSM’s detection systems and ‘rapid response’ operators. The recent months have been rather crime-filled for PSM’s crime-fighting operators. Sadly, the pandemic is adding fuel to the fire for chancers and cheats, for whom the lockdown signifies two things in particular: more unstaffed sites and…


Prepare your CCTV system for Spring

Prepare your CCTV system for Spring Owing to the myriad demands of modern living, it’s easy to unintentionally neglect your CCTV system. But the fact remains that cameras and detectors are adversely affected by the changing seasons, and regular checks must be performed to combat the effects wrought by climatic changes. And one is perhaps…

Meet Danielle Mairs - PSM Control Room Operator

Meet Danielle Mairs

Meet Danielle Mairs, our newest addition to the PSM team. Danielle is attentive, amicable, and a natural-born Operator: she got to grips with the in-and-outs of the job in record time, and was quick to establish a strong rapport with our many and varied clients. She never fails to provide valuable feedback in our management…