Meet Keith Waterworth - PSM CCTV Operator

Meet Keith Waterworth

Meet Keith Waterworth. Sharp-sighted and soft-spoken, Keith has had 25 years of experience as a CCTV operator, and his unrivalled expertise makes him an integral part of the PSM team. As a Senior Operator, he is happy to impart his sagely wisdom whenever the need arises. From burglary to battery, Keith has seen (and prevented)…


Remote Monitoring, Tailored to Suit You

Apart from our team of dedicated operators and immediate response time, another thing that separates PSM is our highly personalised service. When implementing CCTV surveillance, we understand that a ‘one size fits all’ mentality is just not applicable. Our monitoring is custom-fitted to meet the individual needs of each and every one of our clients…


Intruders, Begone!

When it comes to intruders, whether at a residence or place of business, PSM enforces a zero-tolerance policy. As the old adage goes: better safe than sorry. All instances of unauthorised activity are challenged and investigated by our discerning operators, who know from experience that seemingly innocuous activity can be deceiving. For instance, this week…