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What our team say about us…
Danny Pearson - Professional Surveillance Management

Danny Pearson

“My time spent working at PSM can confidently be dubbed as the best job I’ve had. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a team filled with great and caring people and have made several good friendships with people within. I always felt like I’d done genuine good for clients and customers after a shift here.

Management is superb and quick-thinking with a lot of consideration for their staff and customers equally. Open staff discussions are frequent and support is easily found should it be needed.

I will strongly recommend PSM ltd to anyone looking for CCTV Monitoring going forward and look forward to seeing how they continue to grow.”

Jodie Swann - Professional Surveillance Management

Jodie Swann

“An absolutely wonderful place to work. Kerry is an unbelievable boss who really looks after her team. You will struggle to find anyone more passionate and caring.

I’ll really miss everyone. Good luck with the future.”

Danielle Mairs - Professional Surveillance Management

Danielle Mairs

“It feels good to be somewhere I want to be rather than “have to be”. I like that we are a small, close-knit company and the staff all work as a team. Everyone is approachable and no question is a stupid question. We are frequently asked our opinion or what the management can do to help make our job easier. All suggestions are considered and implemented where possible. I feel appreciated for the job I do.”
Keith Waterworth - Professional Surveillance Management

Keith Waterworth

“PSM is a great working environment and it is really good to work for a company who looks after its employees. One of the things I like the most is the continuing support and friendship of everyone.”
Paula Norris - Professional Surveillance Management

Paula Norris

“I am so proud to say that I am a part of Team PSM – we all really care not only about our customers and installers but also about each other. Kerry is an inspiration to us all. What a great place to work.”
Darren Burgess - Professional Surveillance Management

Darren Burgess

“Having worked in the security industry for many years, I have to say that working at PSM is fantastic, the staff are a joy to work with and management are brilliant, there is no better place to work.”
Alun Stocks - Technical Manager at PSM

Alun Stocks

“The support I have felt from members of staff has been very good, even when I’ve been overwhelmed there has been someone to point me in the right direction. It’s a pleasure to come to work.”
Joe Starkie - Professional Surveillance Management

Joe Starkie

“The working environment is brilliant and the team are the best people I have ever worked with.”
Andrew Knox - Professional Surveillance Management

Andy Knox

“I like the opportunities and benefits that PSM offer me and everyone in the team.”
Alun Davies - Professional Surveillance Management

Alun Davies

“I enjoy the camaraderie and the open and honest approach between everyone.”
Kelsey Turton - Professional Surveillance Management

Kelsey Turton

“I love the company and I love helping solve problems and helping others.”
Bernadette Burns - Professional Surveillance Management

Bernadette Burns

“I love my job as an operator and I like the equality of the company.”

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