Introducing our innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology

PSM Traces AI

New and improved alarm filtering technology to help reduce false alarms and increase security of the properties we protect.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – PSM Traces AI

At PSM, we never rest on our laurels.

We’re constantly reviewing ways to improve our service, therefore improving the security of our customer’s properties.

We’ve developed new and improved false alarm filtering technology and we’re delighted to introduce our innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology – PSM Traces AI.

The biggest threat to the security and effectiveness of a remotely monitored CCTV system is false alarms caused by over sensitive detection and environmental conditions such as heavy rain, wildlife and foliage.

Our objective was to create a solution to reduce false alarms and improve security of the properties we protect, whilst at the same time future proof our operations to ensure our operators always maintain their quick response to genuine threats.


PSM Traces AI is a video analytic platform that uses algorithms to detect if there is a person or vehicle within the alarm.


If a person or vehicle is not detected, the alarm is filtered.


If a person or vehicle is detected, the alarm is immediately transmitted to an operator for attention.


Why do false alarms cause such a problem to my security?

The more false alarms a system generates, the less secure it becomes.

  • Unnecessary operator resource is taken up viewing false alarms from wildlife, foliage, debris and other environmental causes, time that should be used providing improved services to genuine alarms.

  • If our operators are dealing with a ‘queue’ of false alarms from your property, this may delay our response to genuine threats to your property.


Why is PSM Traces AI better than existing false alarm handling methods?


Traditional false alarm handling

Traditional false alarm handling methods are varied and involve one or more of the following:

  • Isolating offending detectors until the problem causing the false alarms subsides.

  • Putting detectors on a timer to stop alarms during certain times of the day.

  • Temporary isolation – where a single detector is isolated automatically after 4 alarms within a one-hour period, then reinstated automatically once the number of alarms reduce below a certain threshold.

  • Double knock – where a detector will have to trigger twice within 30 seconds before generating an alarm activation.


PSM Traces AI false alarm handling

PSM Traces AI is a safer and more secure way of filtering false alarms because it does not involve isolating detectors.  Instead, it ‘reads’ what is happening in the alarm and acts accordingly.

Therefore, all alarms are assessed by either algorithms or humans, as opposed to traditional methods that ignore alarms completely.

There is 100% chance of missing an intruder if a detector is isolated!


When will PSM Traces AI be used?

We will only apply AI filtering to problematic cameras and detectors that generate excessive false alarms.

There are 2 stages in our process to help reduce false alarms and improve the efficiency of your system.


Email alert notifying you of excessive false alarms, including recommendations on how they can be resolved.  This may be for example:

  • Removing foliage or loose debris from the area
  • Wiping cobwebs off the camera and detector lens
  • Your CCTV maintenance installer adjusting the detection in the area


  • If the false alarms continue, we will apply AI filtering.
  • If you opt out of AI filtering, the camera and detector may be put on double knock, a timer, or may be programmed out of service completely depending on the volume of false alarms.

In extreme cases of false alarms, AI filtering may be applied whilst the false alarms are in the process of being resolved. Once resolved, AI will be removed.

We will notify you at each stage of the process to confirm the status of the system.


How effective is PSM Traces AI?

Since one of our company objectives is “to instinctively deliver and sustain quality throughout all we do”, PSM will never implement new applications without vigorous testing or proving high quality results.

The PSM team, with the help of experienced software developers and AI experts in Silicon Valley, have tested PSM Traces AI under numerous conditions and determined a set of criteria for best results.

  • 96.8% of all alarms were correctly classified as a vehicle or person (as opposed to 0% of alarms if the detector was isolated!)
  • Our minimum recommended camera resolution is 720×480

  • The optimal camera resolution is 1280×720

It is less effective:

  • with PTZ cameras because the camera may not move fast enough to the point of alarm for the person or vehicle to be visible in the image
  • with cameras installed above 2.5m because a person or vehicle may be more of a birds eye view rather than a true reflection of the shape
  • with thermal CCTV cameras

Therefore we will not recommend or use PSM Traces AI on these types of cameras.


We’re committed to our new technology and will consistently reinvest into improving the intelligence of PSM Traces AI.

We will constantly review the effectiveness and statistics of PSM Traces AI and adapt our development accordingly. 



PSM Traces AI gives us the platform to improve our service delivery to you.

It will enable our operators to focus on alarm videos that matter.

It will enable us to respond to alarms from areas that previously would have been isolated, therefore missing 100% of the criminal activity.


  • When a detector generates excessive false alarms, we’ll send a report or discuss with you the option of implementing PSM Traces AI. 
  • There is a small fee of £6+vat per camera per month where PSM Traces AI has been enabled. 
  • If you choose to opt out, then traditional false alarm handling methods (mentioned above) will be implemented with a greater risk of a criminal events being undetected. 

Want to know more?

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