Leased Line

Introducing a new, high speed dedicated internet connection to improve internet speed, strength and resilience.

What action do I need to take?

Please update our IP address in your Network Video Recorder.



Do you have network security or firewall rules?

If you have network security or firewall rules, you will also need to update your IP addresses in your router (as shown below).

Your IT department and/or installer may be able to assist you with this.

Leased Line Main Connection195.171.165.10

Broadband Failover Connection188.66.113.121

4G Failover Connection92.40.168.28

Once the changes have been made, please contact us on the same day to complete a walk test so we can ensure that your alarms are transmitting to us correctly, and that the IP changeover has been successful at your end.

Deadline for changing sites to new leased line:26th September 2023

The deadline for transferring sites to the new leased line is 26th September 2023. All sites must be operating on our new line by this date. We can offer assistance and support if you need it.

What is a leased line and how does it work?

Dedicated high speed internet connection

A leased line is a dedicated and consistent high-speed internet connection direct with our Internet Service Provider (ISP).


Enhanced security and protection

Due to the nature of its privacy settings, it offers us enhanced security and protection against unauthorised access by keeping our data even more secure than ever before.

Superfast download and upload speeds

It provides us with a whopping 12x faster download and 40x faster upload speeds than our previous internet line. That’s not to say our previous line was insufficient (far from it) – but the increase in size just shows the immense capabilities of our new leased line.


Consistent, stable and reliable

A leased line remains unaffected by standard broadband outages and other internet inconveniences, thus providing us with a consistent, stable, and reliable connection in a world of unpredictable broadband lines.

Uninterrupted service

In the extremely unlikely (and unheard of) event that our leased line fails, our Service Level Agreement with our ISP GUARANTEES a fix within 4 hours. IF this was to ever happen, we still have 2 failover internet lines in place to bridge that 4 hour gap. We’ll simply switch to the failover immediately ensuring an uninterrupted service to you.


With these collective benefits, our service to you will always remain fast, strong and resilient.

Need more help?

If you need any advice, help or assistance please do not hesitate to contact our team today.