Residential CCTV Monitoring

Get peace of mind with CCTV monitored security for your home, family and possessions.
  • 24/7 control room and dedicated customer care

  • Save thousands of pounds from potential theft & criminal damage

  • Police preferred CCTV monitoring company

  • Tailored CCTV monitoring solutions to suit you

  • Personal service from globally recognised business owner with over 20 years experience

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Remotely Monitored CCTV For Your Home And Possessions

Would you like to have complete peace of mind at home with a monitored CCTV system, knowing that your family, property and valuables are protected with round the clock, high level security?

Here at PSM, we specialise in home CCTV monitoring systems. You will get a highly responsive, experienced team monitoring your property and who are ready to act immediately if they identify any potential threat.

If we identify a risk to your property, we respond immediately.

How Does CCTV Remote Monitoring Work?

We stop intruders in their tracks with our immediate response CCTV monitoring.

Discover how our CCTV remote monitoring solution protects your home and possessions.



CCTV cameras monitor your home looking out for any suspicious activity or potential intruders.


Detection equipment is activated when an intruder breaches detection zones, which triggers an alarm that is then sent to the control room.


If an intruder enters your protected areas, an alarm containing CCTV images is then transmitted to our control room.


Our CCTV remote monitoring operators then use all available resources to investigate the cause of the alarm and assess the potential threat.


Operators issue audio warnings, alerting the intruders to the fact they are being monitored. This is an extremely successful deterrent and, in most cases, is enough to drive the offenders to leave site and abandon plans to attack.


Our control room operators take immediate action and report all incidents to the police and keyholders in real time, meaning that they can respond without delay.

Deterring Intruders

The following videos are real incidents of intruders at our customer’s properties. What you are about to see is the operator dealing with the incident in real time.

Audio Warnings

Multiple scenarios demonstrating CCTV Operators deterring intruders with several recorded audio warnings.

Audio Warnings & Call To Police

Scenario demonstrating CCTV Operator deterring an intruder with live audio warnings and call to police.

What PSM Can Do For You

Here at PSM, we specialise in Residential CCTV monitoring systems. You will get a highly responsive, experienced team monitoring your property and who are ready to act immediately if they identify any potential threat. We work together with CCTV installers to help resolve challenging requirements and succeed together as a team, making everyone’s job easier and keeping our customers happy.

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Save money

CCTV monitoring can save your home thousands of pounds in potential losses due to theft, criminal damage and fire.

Peace of mind

Get complete peace of mind in your home with our expert CCTV Monitoring service from a team who care for your safety and protection.
PSM-Icons maintenance and support

24/7 Support and customer care

We provide 24/7 telephone support and continual customer care and maintenance with same day response.
PSM Icons inhouse software

In-house software

Our entire operation – including alarm receiving software – is controlled, created and developed in-house. This allows true bespoke and personal monitoring.
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Monitoring specialists

We have developed specialist software to improve the intelligence of remote monitoring and commissioning.

Tailored system to suit you

PSM understands that customers have individual needs so we tailor each system to meet specific requirements.

Richard Hershman, London

“When your family’s security is on the line and you want peace of mind – then look no further than Kerry Jones at PSM Kerry looks after our home surveillance system and I cannot fault the level of service and due diligence. I would have no issue in recommending her company.”

Julia Eventhall, Bowdon

“I couldn’t live without PSM’s service. I thought it would be intrusive at first, but it isn’t. When my daughter comes home from school and sets the system when she is inside, she has a security barrier around her. I know she is safe and protected.

For the record we are extremely happy with your service, and take comfort every day in the knowledge that you and your team are looking out for us. As your biggest fans we also continue to recommend you to people. Thanks again for everything!”


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