Improve school security and protect your students, school grounds and valuable equipment with a 24/7 CCTV remote monitoring solution.

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School Security - CCTV Monitoring

Schools, colleges and universities are as valuable as any enterprise, if not more so, by virtue of being centres of learning. Thriving academic communities support and encourage young people to become responsible and capable individuals, producing generations of professionals, intellectuals and innovators. Education contributes to personal development both culturally and technologically but also socially. Plainly the value of knowledge in immeasurable.

Protecting Students, School Grounds And Equipment

With 24/7 CCTV monitoring school security

It makes sense, then, to prioritise the safety of such establishments by implementing a school security solution – more specifically, by installing detector activated CCTV cameras that transmit a live feed to a remote video response centre (RVRC), allowing educators to enjoy the benefits of remote monitoring. There are many positive effects from introducing digital surveillance to a school environment. For example:

  • The integrity of the grounds is ensured.
  • The risk of criminal incidents, burglary, arson etc. is drastically reduced.
  • Expensive technology and important equipment (computers, projectors, lab equipment, etc.) is protected.

24/7 CCTV Monitoring

Without invading the privacy of students and tutors

Despite the many and varied advantages of remote monitoring for schools, the presence of CCTV cameras around classrooms and yards understandably begets concerns about the perceived invasion of privacy. There may also be infrastructural problems to consider but by completing a simple risk assessment these concerns can usually be easily overcome. A solution could be putting cameras only in areas where they are most likely to help rectify any prevailing problems. For extra peace of mind, please note that our control room staff are security screened.

How It Works

When potential intruders breach a restricted area on your premises, it will trigger a motion sensor and transmit footage to our NSI Gold accredited Remote Video Receiving Centre. Trained operators are on-hand 24/7 to take immediate action, which includes issuing audio warnings to deter intruders – informing them they’re being monitored and that police are on their way.

We also use in-house artificial intelligence software (PSM Traces AI) to filter false alarms caused by oversensitive detectors. This means only genuine threats are being passed on to our site, to maintain the quickest response time.

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To cite another example of CCTV Monitoring security for schools works, we will refer to a PSM-monitored primary school in Northumberland. In this case, prior to being a remotely monitored site, the most pressing matter was the premises’ close proximity to public recreational facilities, a park and playground, which meant that children and teenagers using said facilities would often access the school grounds by climbing the fences and up onto the rooftops; thus, we arranged for cameras and motion detectors to be situated to give coverage to those areas. In doing so, we were able to prevent this kind of activity by monitoring it and issuing audio as a deterrent.

What Advantages Does CCTV Monitoring Offer To Schools?


Ensure pupils' safety without infringing their privacy

Ensure the safety of pupils and other young people without infringing upon their right to privacy.

Prevent damage to property

Prevent damage to property, thereby minimising the health and safety hazards this would create.

Deter criminals and opportunists

Our control room operators monitor CCTV cameras and issue audio warnings to intruders that can prevent and deter criminal activity.

24/7 security when school is unoccupied

Schools are often targeted by intruders out of hours ie through the night, across weekends or during school holidays. A CCTV monitoring system will ensure 24/7 manned surveillance.

Flexible CCTV Monitoring Solutions

We offer flexible solutions to meet your unique requirements
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