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What our residential customers say about us…

Julia Eventhall, Bowdon

“I couldn’t live without PSM’s service. I thought it would be intrusive at first, but it isn’t. When my daughter comes home from school and sets the system once inside, she has a security barrier around her. I know she is safe and protected.

For the record we are extremely happy with your service, and take comfort every day in the knowledge that you and your team are looking out for us. As your biggest fans we also continue to recommend you to people. Thanks again for everything!”


Richard Hershman, London

“When your family’s security is on the line and you want peace of mind – then look no further than Kerry Jones at PSM. Kerry looks after our home surveillance system and I cannot fault the level of service and due diligence. I would have no issue in recommending her company.”

Alex Reid, Residential Client

“You really have created something amazing. You are all so friendly and helpful. It is difficult to find a service provider who works so hard and truly cares about their customers.”

Nicola Wilson, Buckinghamshire

“Your staff are always so helpful. No matter what time of the day or night, they are always pleasant and really care.”

Jessica, Residential Client

“Many thanks for doing a great job. I have to say, your work ethic is impeccable.”

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Residential CCTV Monitoring

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