Delivering excellent service isn’t difficult. You just need to care about your customers and love what you do. Our values are felt by our installers and customers who are extremely satisfied.

Coral Security Systems

“Both Paul and I would like to thank you for your support and kind wishes; we wouldn’t be able to secure these contracts without fantastic support partners like PSM who we know give 100% to each and every client. It’s rare to find someone so positive, supportive and genuine, who always goes the extra mile to provide the best possible service to all; we know that if we asked you for the sun, you’d give us the moon and stars as well. We really look forward to many more years of working together!”

ADJ Fire & Security

“PSM monitored a site that had previously given us constant issues and within the trial they had found faults we didn’t know existed. Their technical knowledge and service is second to none, and we are happy to say they are now our monitoring partner. They are the industry experts.”

“Excellent company to work with, highly recommended!”


Marcelo Lando

“Kerry is one of the best organised professionals I have ever worked with. She showed impressive creativity to provide a tailored service that solved security challenges we were facing. She was unfailingly positive which made her a pleasure to work with.”

Paul Tec Security Group - monitoring station in Australia

“Nobody in the world knows more about remote video monitoring than these guys. They are true experts.”

Protec Fire and Security

“I have known their MD Kerry Jones for many years and someone more pro-active and passionate about delivering a quality CCTV Monitoring service would be hard to imagine.”

Sovereign Security Systems

“You guys are far too good, you all deserve to be as successful as you are. Danielle and Darren are so, so helpful, they really can’t do enough for you.”

“I’m sure you do more than what I actually pay you for so I thank you for that. You are all just brilliant!”



“Great start to our journey with PSM Ltd having spoken to Kerry and the team we have successfully moved one of our clients over to their services. The communication has been 1st Class throughout. Thank you Kerry.”

Proforce 1 Security

“If I had my way, I’d have your system on every single house we look after. Your service is fantastic.”


“This is why we love you. You call us before we’ve had chance to find a problem.”

Protect Group

“We have recently installed 3 with you and your service so far has been fantastic.”

IC2 CCTV Security Specialist

“The service from yourself and your team is brilliant, everyone is very helpful.”

Argus Fire & Security

“I really like what you do. The personal touch is simple but very effective.”

Itec Security Solutions

“PSM are by far the best monitoring company I have worked with over the past 15 years.”

Mrs E, Bowdon

“I couldn’t live without PSM’s service. I thought it would be intrusive at first, but it isn’t. When my daughter comes home from school and sets the system once inside, she has a security barrier around her. I know she is safe and protected.

For the record we are extremely happy with your service, and take comfort every day in the knowledge that you and your team are looking out for us. As your biggest fans we also continue to recommend you to people. Thanks again for everything!”


Mr H, London

“When your family’s security is on the line and you want peace of mind – then look no further than Kerry Jones at PSM. Kerry looks after our home surveillance system and I cannot fault the level of service and due diligence. I would have no issue in recommending her company.”

Mr T, Birmingham

“Many congratulations on reaching your 5th anniversary. I have to say that since our first meeting on Zoom earlier this year the service provided by PSM has been faultless. All of the staff are amazing, helpful and incredibly supportive day and night. For total peace of mind for a relatively low monthly premium it is exceptional value. All the very best for a long future ahead.”

Mr M, London

“Well done for getting the police there so quickly last week when the fellow checking car doors on the road made it into our car. As you are probably aware, the police caught the guy just up the road and took a statement and CCTV footage from me.”

Mrs R, Hertfordshire

“You really have created something amazing. You are all so friendly and helpful. It is difficult to find a service provider who works so hard and truly cares about their customers.”

Mr H, London

“Thank you for going the extra mile as you always do and that’s why I’m loyal and always recommend your company to whoever asks as with you in command great service follows thru.”

Mr W, London

“My niece has bought an apartment in Hampstead village in London and would like to install a monitored CCTV system. I’ve said I could not recommend you highly enough.”

Mr B, Greater Manchester

“Your service is phenomenal. I can’t speak highly enough of you, your team and the service you provide. Your staff are brilliant, and I can’t thank you enough”

Mrs W, Buckinghamshire

“Your staff are always so helpful. No matter what time of the day or night, they are always pleasant and really care.”

Mr F, London

“Am super happy with everything especially the communication.”

Ms B, Essex

“Many thanks for doing a great job. I have to say, your work ethic is impeccable.”

Foreign Currency Direct

“Professional Surveillance Management are exceptional in every sense of the word when it comes to monitoring and home security. They take time to understand their client’s needs and concerns and offer a service that puts many household names to shame. I have used several other companies in this field and have to my expense found that they are not even able to offer a service that comes close to a comparison.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. In summary they are Responsible, Reliable, and Effective.”


Harry Peers Steel

“I wanted to say thank you. You guys have been good and really helpful whilst we settled in using the new system. It’s so personal. When I ring, I know all the operators by name. Communication is so important and you guys are brilliant at keeping us in the picture You ring me when there is a problem and there are no unnecessary reports. There is no information I don’t understand. PSM didn’t mean anything to me before, but now I know who you are. I have nothing but good things to say about PSM.”

Prospect Business Park

“Prospect Business Park has now been a client of Professional Surveillance Management for almost two years. They provide a monitoring service of ‘out of hours surveillance’ for the security of our business. The tenants on site have easy access when entering and leaving the site ‘after hours’. Their service is exceptional and highly professional.

We are very satisfied with all that they do and highly recommend them.”


Boole's Tools and Pipe Fittings

“A little feedback. Moving to PSM has been a great success; your staff are attentive and courteous which is exactly what we want. The monitoring staff are available on the phone after one ring and are quickly getting used to our work patterns with the minimum of fuss. Your team reflect superb professionalism and are a credit to your business. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you – in fact I already have!”

Fludes Commercial

“Really happy with the service both with the follow up reports following activations on site, and also the balanced view taken when calling out key holders so that they do not attend unnecessarily at a cost to the tenants. Very impressed and we should have used your services a long time ago.”

Platform Hydraulics

“PSM are always the best firm we have to deal with on a regular basis – lots of knowledge and customer care coupled with a professionalism that’s becoming rarer these days.”

James Walkers

“PSM works because you have a passion and expertise for security and a desire to make the best job of it you possibly can, not just as a means to make money!”

Phoenix Healthcare

“The trial has been amazing and beyond our expectations. The reports have been outstanding. Your staff are helpful, friendly and efficient.”

Bio-Stat House

“Incredibly impressed by PSM. Kerry is not only professional but completely dedicated and her staff are a credit. Shout out to Darren. Can’t recommend highly enough.”

Motorpoint Car Showroom

“When you send me an email report, I understand what you are saying to me. There is no jargon.”

LeadX The Claims Guys

“Thank you for absolutely everything and the wonderful service.”

“Thank you for your help, as always Kerry.”


Workman Facilities Management

“Good to see the proactiveness from PSM here, if only all monitoring companies were this efficient.”
Danny Pearson - Professional Surveillance Management

Danny Pearson

“My time spent working at PSM can confidently be dubbed as the best job I’ve had. I’ve had the opportunity to work in a team filled with great and caring people and have made several good friendships with people within. I always felt like I’d done genuine good for clients and customers after a shift here.

Management is superb and quick-thinking with a lot of consideration for their staff and customers equally. Open staff discussions are frequent and support is easily found should it be needed.

I will strongly recommend PSM ltd to anyone looking for CCTV Monitoring going forward and look forward to seeing how they continue to grow.”

Jodie Swann - Professional Surveillance Management

Jodie Swann

“An absolutely wonderful place to work. Kerry is an unbelievable boss who really looks after her team. You will struggle to find anyone more passionate and caring.

I’ll really miss everyone. Good luck with the future.”

Danielle Mairs - Professional Surveillance Management

Danielle Mairs

“It feels good to be somewhere I want to be rather than “have to be”. I like that we are a small, close-knit company and the staff all work as a team. Everyone is approachable and no question is a stupid question. We are frequently asked our opinion or what the management can do to help make our job easier. All suggestions are considered and implemented where possible. I feel appreciated for the job I do.”
Keith Waterworth - Professional Surveillance Management

Keith Waterworth

“PSM is a great working environment and it is really good to work for a company who looks after its employees. One of the things I like the most is the continuing support and friendship of everyone.”
Paula Norris - Professional Surveillance Management

Paula Norris

“I am so proud to say that I am a part of Team PSM – we all really care not only about our customers and installers but also about each other. Kerry is an inspiration to us all. What a great place to work.”
Darren Burgess - Professional Surveillance Management

Darren Burgess

“Having worked in the security industry for many years, I have to say that working at PSM is fantastic, the staff are a joy to work with and management are brilliant, there is no better place to work.”
Alun Stocks - Technical Manager at PSM

Alun Stocks

“The support I have felt from members of staff has been very good, even when I’ve been overwhelmed there has been someone to point me in the right direction. It’s a pleasure to come to work.”
Joe Starkie - Professional Surveillance Management

Joe Starkie

“The working environment is brilliant and the team are the best people I have ever worked with.”
Andrew Knox - Professional Surveillance Management

Andy Knox

“I like the opportunities and benefits that PSM offer me and everyone in the team.”
Alun Davies - Professional Surveillance Management

Alun Davies

“I enjoy the camaraderie and the open and honest approach between everyone.”
Kelsey Turton - Professional Surveillance Management

Kelsey Turton

“I love the company and I love helping solve problems and helping others.”
Bernadette Burns - Professional Surveillance Management

Bernadette Burns

“I love my job as an operator and I like the equality of the company.”

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